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Bundled offering of Advanced HIPAA Privacy and Security course and Texas H.B. 300 course Read More

  Bundled offering of Basic HIPAA Privacy and Security course and Texas H.B. 300 course Read More

This Bloodborne Pathogens training course will inform the learner of potentially dangerous micro-organisms that could be in blood and body fluids. If exposed to bloodborne pathogens a human could acquire a deadly disease. This course will educate the leaner on how to avoid exposure and what to do if exposed to bloodborne substances.   Read More

This Cultural Diversity training course was created to educate employees that when exposed to a variety of different cultures, genders, sexual orientations and religions conflict may occur.  It is designed to assist people in understanding these various situations so employees from different affiliations can work together as a team to create a workplace that is successful as a whole. After completing this course click the X in the top right corner, then click on Next Module. You will then complete a short knowledge check with 80% being the passing score.   Read More

Workers can suffer a disproportionately high number of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). This module provides a general overview of ergonomics--what it is, how it can be used to help design a safe work place, and why all workers should know and understand how excessive work demands can lead to increased risk of work-related MSDs. It will also explain some solutions that can be implemented to reduce the risk of work-related MSDs for many types of jobs.   Read More

The Basic HIPAA Privacy and Security training course was developed by industry experts for the purpose of providing professionals with knowledge of federal guidelines concerning the privacy and security of the Title II provision of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), remaining compliant with HIPAA guidelines, effectively communicating confidential written, verbal and electronic information, properly reporting breaches and non-compliance, as evidenced by enhanced, positive patient/professional relationship that is respectful of privacy and confidentiality.   Read More

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